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Technology Partner

At the heart of the Syntellect product is the cutting-edge technology. To ensure that its products are technologically robust and customizable, Syntellect has partnered with

I-Peritus solves investment risks with its products and services. I-Peritus specializes in using technology to deliver analytics, quant models and research to support investment decisions. I-Peritus has operations in USA, United Kingdom and India.

I-Peritus provides customer profile analytics and valuation for the Asset Backed Securities industry.
I-Peritus has worked over 1000 deals across RMBS, CMBS, Auto Loans and Credit Cards in USA and Europe. I-Peritus adds value through their ability to understand asset performance, research on pool behaviour, model deal performance and report on pool & deal analytics.

I-Peritus Loan Grid offers loan level analytics, stress test and scenario tools for ABS cash-flow modeling. I-Peritus Attribution is a customer profile analytics platform for Debt Funds to review and analyze performance, build and model scenarios and stress-test the debt portfolios.
I-Peritus has also developed a Research & Knowledge Platform for a Hedge Fund to support research, valuation and investments.

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