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For The Entrepreneurs

“We plan to commit to other geographies grappling with similar challenges”

Falguni Nayar, Neerja Birla Among Top Winners of BW Disrupt Women Entrepreneur Awards

The winners were selected by an eclectic jury which included prominent names from the business and corporate domains.

10 women entrepreneurs making waves in the fintech space

India’s fintech sector has seen an exponential growth over the years. Meet the women leaders who are at the forefront in the fintech space in India.

Link for the coverage at The Afternoon DC


Our CEO, Sumedha Naik, documents her experience of setting up a business in the finance sector through these blogs. Catch her tips, tricks, industry insights shared in the most candid manner.

Simple Learnings from Complex Experiences

7 Tenets to adopt for Great Enterprise Usability

LifeHacks for the FinTech Entrepreneur

A Formal Introduction to the Informal Customer

Zen and the Art (and Science) of Automated Underwriting

A Tale of Two Players

Your 4-Step Checklist to choosing a Home Loan/LAP lender

SME Finance: Decoding the Puzzle

Why do lenders fear the entrepreneur or do they?

Guest Blogs

Below are the links to your blogs written for digital publications as finance experts. As an active contributor to the Fintech industry, we are always eager to share your learnings and discuss future possibilities.

Sumedha Salunkhe Naik

CEO & Founder Syntellect – Rationalizing Risk

Challenges You Face if You Are an Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur has no choice to become resilient along the way, every misstep, every fumble however painful, does make us stronger

There are a multitude of reasons why lenders approach entrepreneurs with caution --ranging from fear of the unknown, lenders‘ risk appetite and past experiences with entrepreneurs. But these can be overcome, writes Sumedha Salunkhe Naik of Syntellect.

White Papers & Research Reports

As an Official Partner Consultant of World Bank, our presentation on Customer Profiling through RightProfileTM can be accessed here. In it, we discuss the scope of RightProfileTM and how it can and has benefitted lenders across the globe.

Events Updates & Presentation

🎤New Ideas for Financing Affordable Housing: Speaker at the 8th World Bank Global Housing Finance Pre Conference (WB GHFC), Washington DC, May 2018, conducted by World Bank & IFC

🎤Approaches for reaching the underserved income groups and underwriting informal income earners – Experience from India & beyond: Panelist at the 8th World Bank Global Housing Finance Pre Conference (WB GHFC), Washington DC, May 2018, conducted by World Bank & IFC

🎤Expanding Housing Finance to Low & Informal Income Segment by using Data Collection & Scoring Technologies: Speaker at the Event: Increasing the access to Finance of Informal sector to affordable housing (World Bank Group & Ministry of Public Works, Housing Republic of Indonesia) Jakarta, Indonesia, 24th March 2018, conducted by World Bank & IFC

🎤Spoke at the conference on Digital Finance for MSMEs, conducted by ASSOCHAM.